Step-by-step instruction how to connect your device to the server and how to test it’s connectivity.

1. unpack & charge

Unpack and charge the battery with a USB Micro B cable.

The white LED will turn off when fully charged.

You can continue right away during charging.

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2. change to AP mode

Switch off the device (in case it has been switched on previously).

Hold the button until the blue LED starts blinking fast (2 times per second) and release the button.

The blue LED will keep blinking fast and a new AP shows up in your Wireless Network Connections.

CLONECAST_5CCF7F1E17F8 is your device (actually it will be something very similar, containing CLONECAST and the actual MAC address of the device.)

Connect to this access point.

In your browser type the following IP address:

You can see the same MAC address in the last row 5c:cf:7f:1e:17:f8

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3. set SSID & password

In WiFi Settings set your AP SSID, Password and click Save. (We are using demo as AP SSID in this example, but you’ll need your actual WiFi AP SSID and password or your smartphone Personal Hotspot settings.

Click on refresh.

Click Main.

Click Return to device mode.

On your WiFi router your can verify the connection by MAC.

Turn off and on your device.

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4. assign to account

Connect and log in …
username: test@3d.im
password: Test123

Add your device by it’s MAC address (no hyphens, no colons)


Your device is online, connected and assigned to the test account.

Please DELETE your device from the test account and log in to your normal account.

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